Best Biochem focuses on lab reagent for years and has earned a good reputation by our qualitied products, nice service and responsible attitude. We will never offer off-grade products to our customers, because we know the accuracy and repeatability are very important for experiments. Bad reagent will not only destory experiments’ results but will also waste researchers’ time and hard work! Besides, the products’ test reports must be true and we will never make fake reports (such as higher purity) to cheat our customers. Just like the experiment data must be true and true data of research material can support the truth of experiment data.

Since 2021, Best Biochem starts technology transfer service for improving the speed of science and technology Industrialization, and promoting the communication between enterprises and researchers. The service area includes: technology transfer service; technology development service; technology consultation service; talent recruitment service. As a third party service organization we will keep technical and business secrets, be loyal to clients, protect intellectual property, respect the will of both sides, strive for the satisfaction of both buyers and sellers and creat a win-win situation.


  • Achieve customer satisfaction via competent testing and calibration.

  • Competitive price, can save 30% of your cost on lab reagent.

  • Good service through the beginning to the after of sales, we  take responsibility to our customers very seriously.