Best Biochem’s custom antibody service offers monoclonal antibody and polyclonal antibody produced in rabbit, mouse, rat, goat, etc. The antigen can be offered by customers or by best biochem, include peptide, protein,  small molecule compound, gene, etc.

Monoclonal antibody and polyclonal antibody both have their characters, monoclonal antibody is suitable for detecting antigen’s specific target spot and the experimental results have high reproducibility under the same experimental conditions. But, if the identified epitope of antigen is destroyed, the experimental results will be greatly affected. Polyclonal antibody is mixture of different kind of monoclonal antibody, can bind with antigen’s different epitopes. Polyclonal antibody is suitable for the experiments don’t require high specificity, such as coacervation and precipitation reaction. And its production cycle is shorter than monoclonal antibody.


  • Offer range kind of animals for selection:rabbit, mouse, rat, goat, etc.
  • Offer different level of animals for selection:CV, CL and SPF animals.
  • Best Biochem can offer high quality antigen for antibody production, and customers can also provide antigen by themselves.
  • After adequate communication, we will design out the most reasonable production scheme according to customer’s requirement.
  • Through standardized production process and strict quality control, get qualitied antibody.
  • Guarantee product quality, delivery quantity and delivery time.