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29 10, 2017

How can I place an order?


Two Methods. Firstly, send an email including information of your email details, telephone, detailed address to Our sales team will respond to you within 12 hours. Secondly, use our contact form on contact us page.

29 10, 2017

How can I pay?


All payment details are described on the electronic proforma invoice sent by our sales along with carrier tracking No. when your parcel is sent. We accept PayPal, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and wire transfer. PayPal is highly recommended.

29 10, 2017

What is a PO?


PO stands for purchasing order. Generally, it is generated by the purchasing department of an organization. PO includes the detailed information of buyer, product information and supplier’s information, and most importantly PO NO. which should also be shown in the [...]

29 10, 2017

Can I have a pro-forma invoice?


We are happy to provide pro-forma invoices - please email us at specifying the information that you require. Please note that standard price and shipping, handling & packaging information can be obtained from the datasheet.

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