Technology Transfer Service

Bestbiochem seeks new drug projects from biotech companies and universities around the world, then introduces projects to pharmaceuticals and investors. We play as a communication node between researchers and pharmaceuticals, improve the speed of technology circulation.

As a third part technology transfer organization, we consider for both sides and keep honest, responsible during service.

Our services include: technology transfer, technology investment, merger and acquisition.

We focus on these areas: new drugs, new targets, generic drugs, innovative therapies, etc.

If you have projects need license-in or license-out, please contact us:

BCW100001Rheumatoid arthritisClinical Phase I
BCW100002Ischemic cerebrovascular diseaseClinical Phase II
BCW100003Renal insufficiencyClinical Phase II
BCW100004Chemotherapyinduced thrombocytopenia,CITIII
BCW100005Ischemia reperfusion injury caused by acute myocardial infarctionIIa